Welcome to ABC Compounding Pharmacy, the premier Encino Compounding Pharmacy Located in Encino, California. We specialize in the ancient practice of specifically combining precise quantities of medicinal ingredients to fit the unique and individual needs of each patient. We like to think of our pharmaceutical compounds as “designer medications”. Each one is specially customized to provide the best possible medicinal-care based on the individual medical requirements of each patient.

Customized Compounding Medications

ABC Compounding Pharmacy of Encino, California is one of the very few providers of pharmaceutical compounds in the region. We only use the latest technologies to create these designer medications with a friendly and courteous staff who is always available to answer any of our patients’ questions or concerns. With a dedicated focus on organization and sterility, we create compounded medications in pill form, intravitreal injections, and inhalants.

We firmly believe in the patient’s right to privacy while providing our individually customized medications. Every patient has different health and medical requirements, and our pharmaceutical compounding allows us to offer the best possible medications for a full and quick recovery. Our staff of highly qualified specialists always takes the time to sit down with each patient while discussing the compounding process and the available options of medications. Patient advocacy is a high priority at ABC Compounding Pharmacy.

Board Certified Encino Compounding Pharmacy

Our friendly and courteous staff of pharmacists and technicians are each board certified by the state of California and highly regarded professionals in this unique field of pharmaceutical compounding. In fact, we are one of the very few legally licensed pharmacies in the Encino area to perform this highly specialized medicinal compounding service.

While there are many different over-the-counter medications readily available, many of these do not fit the unique needs and medical requirements of the individual patient. Some combinations of ingredients are often too high or too low to be perfectly effective. ABC Compounding Pharmacy provides the perfect combinations of prescription ingredients to speed the recovery process while reducing potential negative side effects and possible risks of addiction.

Encino Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical compounding is truly nothing new. Even ancient man would often mix herbs, plants, roots, and berries together as a way to concoct the perfect form of medication. But ABC Compounding Pharmacy is much more precise in the quantities and types of medicinal ingredients that we choose. We are also happy to discuss our compounded medications with your doctor upon your approval. For more information, contact us today for a free consultation.